March 29, 2023 2:17 PM

No individual likes rejection, whether in a job or visa application. It just puts you down, feeling discouraged and unmotivated. Similarly, unfortunately, if the automobile insurance premium undergoes rejection, it will bring you mental stress and let you down. Hence, it is fundamental to know why and how the automobile insurance claim got rejected.  Before that, you must understand everything about the automobile insurance claim process.

Automobile insurance claims come in distinct ways. The first is reimbursement, and the second is cashless.  However, you may have to settle the initial price at the non-network garage if you go for a reimbursement claim. You can submit the invoices and job sheet with the insurer for claim settlement.

Reasons that result in car insurance claim denial

Most individuals are not aware of why automobile insurance claims get rejected. Have you ever wondered what may result in automobile insurance claim denial? Well, these rejections may result from several faults and causes. Non-accidental vehicle loss is when the car is damaged without any accident scenario but for natural calamity. Here, the Insurance agency settles the claim or provides a cashless benefit based on the indirect damage. No claim for wear and tear or repair will help you here. 

  • Accidental damage because of drunk driving

Driving under the impact of drugs or liquor will damage your reputation and your car in the long run. It is against the rules; thus, if you drive under the influence of a substance, the accidental damage will not get settled. 

  • Commercial use of the car

 While using the car for commercial purposes, if your car undergoes damage, then the insurer might deny claims. Commercial automobiles fall under distinct coverage and rules and regulations for insurance. Hence, the premium and the laws differ from one company to the other.

  • Damage resulting from self negligence

If you do not stick to the rules and regulations when on the road, you can lead yourself under circumstances that will put your car and yourself at risk. Remember, the insurance company will not entertain such claims. While assessing the vehicle, if the insurance company finds fault, it will affect the claim approval procedure. You might not obtain the cheapest car insurance rates without comparing prices.  You may avoid these by following the rules on the road so that your claim settlement goes smoothly.

The main point is that you have to take responsibility for your vehicle. If you are conscious, then things will go on smoothly. 

Along with this, you have to understand the roadside scenario and work accordingly. Never engage in rash driving because that will damage your car and get you into trouble. Getting in touch with your insurance company when an emergency becomes mandatory to secure your finances. Talk to the agent about how your claim can get approved on the first attempt. They can help you get it right in the first attempt with intelligent hacks. 

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