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Life is too quick and too hectic in a huge cosmopolitan metropolis like Karachi. In town, the idea of a cutting-edge salon and spa is still a pipe dream. Imran Ashraf Khawaja, who founded the Sports Clips Locations in 2010 with the help of several well-known hairstylists, took this into consideration. They’re all carrying on Gillian’s tradition of cutting-edge hairstyles.

Wedding Planning

Our highly skilled staff at Sports Clips Locations can provide you with consultation and remodel your wedding hairstyle, as well as the hairstyles of your whole bridal party. We can make your wedding day more memorable since we have hundreds of delighted brides beneath our veils.

Aisle Dash Is A Game Where You Have To Race Along An Aisle.

We will assign you and your wedding party each a stylist who will be responsible for providing you with the finest possible style for each of you with Sport Clips Coupons.

Princess Of Luxury

This opulent service includes a wedding stylist who will visit your house on the day of your wedding to style you, your guests, and your family. It’s the pinnacle of relaxation. Relax with the help of a professional in the privacy of your own home.


We recommend scheduling a trial before your wedding day so that we can get to know you and try on several designs. So feel free to bring in any images or ideas you’d want to use. Bringing your wedding gown and any hair accessories is a terrific idea since it will allow you to picture yourself as the bride.

A Salon Is A Place Where People Come To Talk About Their

Applying cosmetics or duplicating a haircut isn’t the only way to feel gorgeous. 

We want you to enjoy your time with us here at Sports Clips Locations. From our highly experienced hairstylists to our relaxing beauty department pros, we provide a comprehensive variety of services under one roof.

Services For Hair

We want you to enjoy your time with us here at Sports Clips Locations. From our highly experienced hairstylists to our relaxing beauty department pros, we provide a comprehensive variety of services under one roof.

Haircutting Is A Service That Involves The Cutting Of Hair

Our diverse team of stylists each has their own distinct style, ensuring that no customer is left unhappy. Whether you’re looking for a precise cut, a catwalk trend, or a traditional, vintage bouffant, a skilled stylist at Sports Clips Locations will make you look your best.

Straightening Your Hair Is A Great Way To Improve Your Appearance.

Hair straightening is a hairstyle method that involves flattening and straightening hair to give it a smooth, streamlined, and sleek look. It has been employed since the Middle Ages.

Consider a hair straightening treatment if you want smooth, fuzz-free hair that has a young vibrancy. The CHI Transformation treatments, which leave frizzy, unmanageable hair in excellent, glossy condition, are available at Sports Clips Locations. All hair kinds are welcome. These conditioning treatments are a requirement if you want your hair to be tamed and healthy. The benefits are instant and last around three months.

Formaldehyde is not used in any of our therapies.

Treatments For Your Hair

Hairstylists are just as excellent as the cloth they use, much like high-end fashion designers. The status of your hair is crucial to the final appearance, and unless it is in the finest possible condition, the final look will never be as good as it might be. This is why Sports Clips Locations

has introduced CHI Treatments, a revolutionary cutting-edge treatment technique that is completely tailored to your hair and scalp requirements

This one-of-a-kind method employs a simple problem-solving algorithm to evaluate the vulnerability of your hair or scalp, whether it’s damaged, fine, dull, or sensitive. Following the identification of your requirements, the best mix of products and treatments to maintain your hair in top condition is given.

Extensions For Your Hair

Human hair is lengthened and/or filled with artificial hair implants, often known as hair extensions.

Hair extensions are a way to add length to one’s hair by integrating artificial or real hair from other people. Hair extensions may also protect natural hair. These complex hair methods are used to radically alter hair without seeming unnatural.

Hair extensions, which are affordable and accessible to any female in town or on the farm, can make even the best hair seem full, seductive, and vibrant. We can make every lady feel like a star at Sports Clips Locations, regardless of age, shape, or style.

Sports Clips Locations extension service provides unrivaled technical skills, attentive attention both during and after your consultation, and undeniable final results. You’ve arrived at the perfect salon whether you’re looking for a little additional length, a trendy fringe, or just want your hair to appear full and bouncy.

Both the application and the quality of the hair used are important factors in achieving natural-looking hair extensions. We have the best of all worlds at Sports Clips Locations, with an experienced staff working with amazing lengths and beautiful hair extensions that we believe to be the greatest. The hair is unprocessed, chemical-free, and completely weightless, allowing it to flow freely and gracefully, giving you natural-looking hair.

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