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Turquoise's Medicinal Properties

Turquoise is known as the stone of protection, and it’s no wonder—the blue color of turquoise symbolizes the sky and the sea, while its bright green color represents life itself. Turquoise has been used for centuries as a talisman to ward off evil spirits, but it’s also known for its ability to protect against negative emotions like anger and jealousy.

In fact, one study found that turquoise has a positive effect on those suffering from depression or anxiety. The researchers said that wearing turquoise jewelry had an “improvement in mood” for those who wore it regularly.

Turquoise is also believed to help with digestive issues like constipation or hemorrhoids—and if you’re having trouble sleeping, look no further than your jewelry box! Researchers say that wearing turquoise jewelry during sleep improves restful slumber by alleviating the stress caused by negative thoughts or emotions associated with sleepless nights.

Healing Properties of Turquoise

For those interested in the metaphysical healing properties of stones, turquoise is among the most potent. People all throughout the world appreciate turquoise and revere its healing abilities, yet most people only link it with the Native Americans and the Tibetans.

According to Eastern medicine practitioners, crystals can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including pain, stress, depression, and issues related to the body’s psyche and soul. 

Healers think that the throat, the third eye, and the solar plexus are the best places to wear turquoise for maximum benefit. It’s a perfect ingredient for a potent tonic.

Numerous health practitioners hold the opinion that green varieties of turquoise, such as Tibetan turquoise and Nevada turquoise, possess greater healing potential.

Although both the green and blue varieties of Turquoise are beautiful and are available in any necklace shop, the vibrations carried by the green kind are slightly different from those of the blue variety. When it comes to Turquoise’s healing properties, the green variety’s unique frequency is best put to use dissolving obstructions in the throat chakra and releasing repressed emotions all the way down to their ancestors.

Turquoise’s Rejuvenating Effect

Turquoise is considered a master healing stone among crystals.

Many New Agers believe that turquoise’s curative properties are most at work in the immune, respiratory, digestive, and skeletal systems, but that it can help the entire body. Crystal healers advocate for the use of Turquoise for high blood pressure, asthma, infections, TMJ, and dental issues, as well as detoxification from alcohol, poison, pollution, or radiation. 

We also saw a wart disappear after being treated with Turquoise. A wart on a cutter’s finger disappeared after being subjected to a month of Turquoise cutting on our lapidary wheels.

Mental Health & Restorative Properties of Turquoise

Natural, high-quality Bisbee turquoise from Arizona is known for its restorative properties.

Turquoise is thought to be a stone of expression and connection in the realm of crystal therapy. For those who suffer from a phobia of public speaking, the New Age healing community suggests turning to the Turquoise stone. They think that Turquoise’s restorative properties can enhance one’s ability to express themselves eloquently, lovingly, creatively, and honestly. 

However, Turquoise’s restorative properties also enhance one’s mental state by bolstering one’s capacity for inner peace, insight, creativity, empathy, optimism, sensitivity, happiness, and wisdom. Additionally, it is a stone of friendship – new agers claim this stone can build friendships by facilitating open lines of communication and the free exchange of loving thoughts and feelings among friends. 

In addition, they think it might fortify one’s beliefs, bravery, and autonomy. You can wear it as a pendant with your gold chains or as bracelets.

Turquoise for Healing – Third Eye Chakra

It is believed that Turquoise’s healing properties activate all seven chakras, allowing the stone’s inherent love and communication energies to permeate one’s entire existence. Healers, however, typically link Turquoise’s curative effects to the 5th chakra, the Throat. 

The heart Chakra is where you connect with others on a spiritual, emotional, creative, and meditative level. When worn, turquoise can help the Heart Chakra function more effectively, making it easier to feel and show affection. It is said that Turquoise’s healing properties enhance the link to a higher spirit when placed on the brow Chakra. 

According to spiritualists, the color blue represents the connection between humans and the divine. Native peoples all throughout the world recognize the significant Chakra Powers of turquoise. Those who are interested in Metaphysical Healing will quickly learn that turquoise has powerful healing properties, especially in regard to the chakras.


Turquoise is a powerful healer. It’s the stone of happiness and joy, and it has been used throughout history as a tool for healing.

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