May 31, 2023 9:53 AM

Are you new to Microsoft Word? Not to worry because it is never too late to learn how to use this valuable program. In this guide, you will learn about all the fundamentals. 

MS Word – What are it and its uses 

MS Word is one of the most popular and universally used word processing tools. Word processing refers to the creation of text, and by using MS Word, you can create professional and personal documents digitally. The software can perform different tasks, and they’re all designed to improve your text-writing experience. 

You can use MS Word for educational lesson plans, letters, books, writing articles, building resumes, editing documents, and making newsletters. It can even act as a placeholder for unpublished documents and allows users to build the content before they’re released to others. Furthermore, it ensures that grammar and spelling are acceptable in the document. 

Creating and Saving a New Document 

When you have to build a document from scratch, you start by opening the Word program. You will see the Home tab, where you must choose the template you want to use. Click on the Blank document icon if you are seeking a blank slate. You must find the correct template for creating a professional letter or resume. 

After creating your document, you must save it to prevent accidental deletion or file loss due to hardware malfunction. You can avoid periodically saving the document by enabling the autosave function. Choose AutoSave in the upper left corner by clicking the blue checkbox and turning it on. 

When you save your document for the first time, you need to click the blue dick icon, and a popup window will appear. You have to name the file and provide a location of your choice on the computer. 

Recover Unsaved Word Document 

Have you forgotten to save the document you have created? It can be frustrating if you have done all the modifications and the file is ready to be shared with your peers. But you don’t need to worry because it is not a huge task if you wonder didn’t save word document how to recover on Mac. You can recover the document from the AutoRecovery folder as Office documents are automatically saved every ten minutes. The same solution can be applied if you have forgotten to save files on your Windows computer. 

Changing the Appearance and Size of the Document 

Different types of text sizes and formats appeal to users. It can change according to the document you are creating. The basic formatting of a blank document page begins at Calibri font and 11 font size. There’s no need to change the settings if this is acceptable for your project. But if you want a smaller or bigger size or a different appearance of text, you need to tweak the settings. 

You have to determine the font style. Locate the toolbar at the top of the page; if you cannot find it, click the Home tab. On the dropdown menu, you will find a list of font styles. Click it and select from the list of options until you locate the right style. You need to note that when you change the font, you may also need to have a larger size because some styles are larger than others. You can change your font size by clicking on the menu next to the font style. Choose the font size that suits your project. 

Add Page Numbers, Tables, and Graphics 

MS Word allows users to input a broad range of functions into their document to make it appealing. These are specifically useful for projects that need different data representations and statistics. You can click the Insert tab and choose the Table icon if you want to create a table. You will notice a dropdown menu, and here, you have to choose how many different columns and rows you would want for your table. 

You will find them under the Insert tab when inserting page numbers and pictures. If you want to insert a picture, you can click the Pictures icon and find the desired file from your system. You can add a page number by clicking on the Page number icon and selecting where you want the number to appear. 

Besides these, you can use a few keyboard shortcuts to finish working on your document quickly. For instance, if you need to look for anything inside the document, you can press Control + F and then enter the word or phrase you seek. If you are using a Mac, replace Control with Command. You can also use Control + C for copying, Control + V for pasting, etc. 

The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, you can use MS Word to the fullest with this guide. Then, you must experiment with the different features and functions to bring a flair to your documents. 

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