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Factory Table Cloths

Linens are a big investment, so choosing the ones that meet your needs and give you the most for your money is important. This guide has a lot of different things to think about to help you make the right choice. Please know that it is my sincere hope that it helps. There are a variety of factory table cloths that are both useful and nice to look at. Here is a list of the different kinds and what they do.


One of these items is a linen coaster, which can protect your table or other surface and add a touch of style if you want.

Cocktail napkin

Cocktail napkins are the napkins that are used to serve cocktails. First, they can be used instead of a coaster, which is great for people who are always on the go and need a safe place to set their drinks down without worrying about moisture getting all over the place. You can use them to clean up small spills and dry your hand when condensation forms on the glass. Lastly, they are useful for cleaning up after eating canapés. Set a stack of cocktail napkins next to the bar and give each person who orders a drink one.

Dinner napkin

As the name suggests, a dinner napkin is meant to be used when you sit down to eat. They keep you from getting dirt and germs on your hands and mouth. For dinner, napkins are usually placed to the left of each setting, but they can also go in the middle, on the plate, or on the table.

Table runner

A table runner is a piece of fabric that goes down the middle of a table. It is both useful and pretty. It might keep vases and dishes from breaking if they are in the middle of the table. Instead of taking off a tablecloth every time you want to use the table, you can leave a table runner on the table for as long as you want. Since they aren’t as formal as a tablecloth, they are great for less formal events.


A tablecloth is a piece of linen covering the whole table and a little more. It can be both pretty and useful. They are the building blocks of an elegant tablescape. Before, tablecloths were only used for special occasions. They can be used for anything from a casual weekday breakfast to a formal dinner party. A tablecloth’s pattern, color, and style affect how it makes people feel, changing how the table is set. Covering a table with a cloth makes it look more elegant and is a great way to start building a beautiful tablescape.


Placemats are made of linen and serve two purposes at a table: they protect the table from spills and make the place settings look better. Linen can also be waxed or left untreated.


Linen is one of the most elegant fabrics and works well as a tablecloth. Some of the many good things about linen are:

  • Built-in protection from germs and moths
  • It lasts much longer than any other natural fiber and is the strongest natural fiber.
  • It has a beautiful drape and a shiny, natural sheen.
  • It’s much easier to clean than cotton or polyester when it gets stained.
  • dries quickly
  • It is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics if grown, woven, and made in Europe.

Linen can be given color by being dyed. Ecru, white, or ivory linens can be washed in water as hot as 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Linens that have been dyed can be washed at temperatures between 30 and 60 degrees.

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