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All I could think of when I had my first kid was how busy I was! My life shifted from having little time for my own meals to constantly attempting to keep a little newborn cosy, dry, and fed throughout the day. I loved every minute of giving my kid my whole self. Three short years later, another gorgeous baby joined my family. After that, I had another small miracle. For his clothes shoes and other accessories, I have chosen Maurices Clothing Store.

As a mother, I now had three kids under the age of five! Goodness gracious! mentioning a crowded house and a busy schedule. I realized right away that if I didn’t take some time for myself to re-connect with “me” and maintain my own identity, I would quickly get lost in the world of motherhood.


The Importance Of Taking A Break: Why You Need To Take Time For Yourself

Not that giving your all to your mothering duties is a negative thing; it’s not. Parenting is wonderful, but sometimes we forget to take a little time for ourselves because we are so focused on getting everything perfect for our kids.

We moms, i believe, go through a time when we are all in agreement that sometimes we simply can’t. Unable to style our hair, apply new makeup, or locate something to wear in Maurices Clothing Store. But there comes a point when we must pause, unwind, and give ourselves some space. If we don’t look after ourselves, we can’t be the greatest mother, wife, or friend we can be.


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1.) Stay Simple

This serves as a fantastic reminder for those days when you have nothing to wear. Do not overthink it. Start by wearing a decent pair of trousers, such as these adorable faded silver jeans, and a plain white t-shirt. You may reduce the stress associated with getting ready by making basic Maurices Clothing Store. Put on a lovely pair of boots and accessorize with jewelry to complete this casual appearance.


2.) Comfort And Chic

Running errands, having nowhere to go, and having no one to impress are just a few factors that may cause you to go for the first comfy Maurices Clothing Store you can find, which is probably not the most stylish option. There are methods for maintaining style while maintaining comfort. A decent illustration is found here. These striped wide-leg pants are both stylish and cozy. Instead of being a single color, i like trousers like these to have some type of design so that i can pair them with a simple t-shirt or top that is a solid color.


3.) Gowns

I’m not sure about you, but having to hurry up to put on Maurices Clothing Store makes me quite anxious. There is no time to spend looking for the ideal attire when you need to leave the house quickly. In situations like these or when i spend too much time on my hair and makeup and have to scurry around to get out the door on time, dresses are my go-to option. T-shirt dresses are by far my favorite kind of dress. In these, i feel effortlessly elegant. They may also be dressed up or down just by switching out their shoes.


4.) Cozy Stylish Shoes

I like using shoes to give my ensembles a modern edge, but let’s face it, not all trendy shoes are comfy. We working parents can’t be following children around in 6-inch stilettos. I like chunky-heeled shoes like these dani peep-toe boots. I feel a bit more secure while carrying a child on my hip rather than when wearing a thin, 6-inch strappy heel. Fashionable sports shoes are ideal for wearing with joggers, jeans, shorts, and t-shirt dresses. A nice pair of flats are always a good choice. I’ve been wearing peep-toe boots all season long. They look lovely with shorts, a simple shirt, and a cardigan, a cute spring and summer combination, and you can get from Maurices Clothing Store and wear them pretty much all year round.

5.) Pop Of Color

A “basic ensemble” may be elevated to the next level of chicness and elegance with only the addition of a burst of color. Your jewelry, handbag, shoes, and pretty much every other item you own may bring color. The idea is to use only one bright hue, without going overboard.


6.) Act Bravely

Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new with your attire. Even while trying new trends might be intimidating, you’ll never know how you’ll feel about them if you don’t at least give them a go. I was wary about off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder shirts, but i gave one a try and fell in love right away. Wear some faded jeans, that colorful outfit, heels, or try the cold shoulder; you never know, you could fall in love with how you feel about yourself. When you have purchased from Maurices Clothing Store.


Why Being A Mother Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Fashionable

Being a mother in no way lowers the criteria for style or fashion, and there are no rules for what constitutes fashion for any one individual. You may still feel confident and use fashion to express yourself even if you’re a mother. Sometimes life may be hectic, and we all become busy. One of my favorite stores for clothing, both offline and online, is Maurices Clothing Store. They feature a wide variety of styles, making them my go-to site for fashion. Whether you’re searching for athletics, everyday casual wear, a dress for brunch and a night out, or a fresh appearance for the office, they have it.

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Bottom Line

Because the #servicewithstyle campaign I’m sharing with you is all about honoring women who give of themselves to serve others, you should join the competition that Maurices Clothing Store is holding through early may. You and your shero might win a $1000 shopping trip to maurices if you post a comment, tag someone, and share her inspirational story on maurices’ instagram here and include the hashtags #shero and #servicewithstyle. Maurices will also showcase winners with a #servicewithstyle Instagram profile.

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