February 2, 2023 6:59 PM
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Use Instagram Grid to Share Your Brand Story


You use themes to link( comprar seguidores instagram portugal )images instead of posting photos individually on each square in your Instagram grid. Each tile is like a cookie-cutter that leads you to the final. You will only see the entire grid to discover some interesting details.

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How can you use Instagram Grid effectively?

It can be not easy to properly utilize the Instagram grid’s marketing potential if you are new to Instagram marketing. We’ve compiled a list of 8 ways that brands can use the grid layout to distinguish their feeds from others, tell their brand story and add more meaning.


1. A Grid can be used to create a mini-website

Let’s begin with something practical. Your creative use of the grid should not be limited to looking. Although that is a part of it, the real goal is to promote your brand via your Instagram feed.

Using the grid to share a smaller or more simplified version of your main website is always a good idea. Frozen Bottle is an Indian dessert brand that uses grid tiles to promote its brand in distinctive ways.

These grids allow people to access essential information about your company, product, and purpose. It’s important to be upfront. Let people know why you are there, and then sell your stuff.

Sharing your contact information will increase traffic to your site or physical location rather than using the dreaded ‘linkinbio’ hashtag.


How do you pull it off?

The grid can be used to your advantage for your business. Use the grid to create a logo representing your brand across your entire Instagram feed. Allow people to see your brand in all its glory and enjoy it.


2. Create a Catalog or a menu

Instagram’s grid layout continues to attract fashion, lifestyle, and food brands. The main reason is that the grid can be manipulated to look like many things, such as a puzzle, checkerboard, or magazine catalogue.

Burberry is a great example. Each row changes the grid. Each row has three tiles that appear interconnected and connected. Then it changes to the next row.

The style can be continued for nearly an interminable scroll. It is beautiful and also very thematic. It’s almost as if you are looking through a fashion catalogue, not individual images.


How do you pull it off?

The look and feel for each row should be planned. Next, choose images that reflect that feeling. Using the same product for each tile is not a good idea.

Instead, choose a thread to connect the different images. The example shows three lipstick shades in the middle row. Although the product is identical, each shade is highlighted in the corner photos.

You must post three images for each row simultaneously. Otherwise, you will mess up the grid’s order and your viewing experience.

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3. Take a Panoramic shot

Okay, this style also uses the row-style but with a twist. Instead of using thematic images, one panoramic shot of a single photo is used and displayed along the entire row. You can also display multiple rows.

Each row has a single continuous shot, but it is divided over three tiles. This creates a theme and allows you to appreciate each image in its entirety and its relationship with the others.


How do you pull it off?


Create a panorama. You can divide it using an app. wipe is available for iOS and Android. You can divide one panorama into multiple images, which you can display in a swipeable panoramic effect.


4. To elevate your brand, use columns

You don’t have to use rows to create a consistent brand look that will win over customers. Every brand and influencer uses horizontal grids to show their brand. Break the monotony by using vertical.

Columns are great for displaying unique products, graphics, or information. If you have something tall, strong, vertical, or sturdy, consider it your grid’s columns.

A fitness guru might want to show his entire body. A medical blog that features human anatomy will have a wider canvas. An architect may be looking to display their high-rise building in its entirety.

Community Breath Work, a holistic blog about health and wellness, uses vertical and horizontal rows to maximize the brand’s potential.


How do you pull it off?

A vertical grid is a great tool for maximizing the benefits it can provide. If an image requires vertical representation, then a grid column may be able to work. You shouldn’t force anything.

Your blog’s organic growth will have the greatest impact on your audience. Let it grow.


5. Use the Diagonal Grid

This is something you should only attempt if you are confident and able to commit to the task. A diagonal grid, unlike the horizontal grids of square tiles or rows of grids, is more difficult to manage but packs the most punch.

The theme/story must be created across a diagonal line of the grid. This means you will need to share a theme image on each fourth tile. This style is different from the other styles that we’ve discussed.

It doesn’t require you to post all of the grid-style images at once. Your main task is to be mindful of the order you place the image. Every fourth tile is important.

We Have a Wish is a blog that shares positive news and cute illustrations. It uses the diagonal grid to tell its story. This blog uses only a few of the diagonal rows for its posts. This encourages you to look for posts and engage more with them.


How do you pull it off?


Keep in mind the rule for every fourth tile. This is the most important rule. Second, make sure the themes are broadened and more general. You can, for example, keep the same color theme but change the graphics. You can also choose vegan food with soy’ instead.


Make your life simpler.


6. You can use text to take your Instagram grid to the next level

Instagram allows you to post text messages, which can be used to empower your marketing message. This image-hungry platform is known for its engaging content, including book quotes, movie lines and meme accounts. Tweets are also a popular form of content.

It can be very fun to use text posts on a grid. These posts can be used to create a rut or give your audience something to eat. You can also create vertical or horizontal grids that are only composed of text-based posts.

The center column can be used for text posts, or you can use it as a blank space to create a fold. You can also keep it visual and reserve the text for the diagonal tiles.

Mint Content is a completely different company. Mint Content uses the left column to create continuous lines of text posts. The other two columns are reserved to host images in a 2:1 ratio.


How do you pull it off?


Unique elements can make your text-based posts standout even more. Mint Content uses green borders for its text posts. Similar options are available. You can also associate a different color with your text tiles to make them stand out from the rest.


7. Let the colors do their thing

Your grid can be transformed by using colors. For a consistent brand look, you can color-code columns and rows, create a rainbow style or use color blocking. You can also present everything using tinted filters.

There are many ways to include color in your Instagram grid.


How do you pull it off?

It can be difficult to colour-code your Instagram feed. But, if you want something more powerful, like a rainbow grid or a color-coding system, it will require a lot of effort and dedication.

This effect requires a lot of planning. An Instagram image planning tool may be a good investment.


8. Break the Monotony by an Abrupt Change

We branding experts keep on harping about consistency. But, when it comes to it, it’s not easy to distinguish between monotonous and consistent. It’s time for your brand to move beyond that line.

People, especially Gen-Z and Millennials, will notice your brand again if you make a sudden change that they don’t expect. You may have been wearing a sepia toned grid all along.

Change it to bright neons, but keep in line with the brand guidelines. If you’ve always used style pieces, add lighthearted, humorous, and heartwarming text to your grid. Tiffany and Co. excel at breaking through grid monotony and providing unique stories, products, and imagery for every block.


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