February 6, 2023 1:56 AM
Man Should Know

Most men will have trouble getting an erection at some point in their life, and one bad day in the bedroom does not always mean you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, there are certain symptoms you should be aware of to prevent further damage to your health. Here are 10 Things Every Man Should Know for Erectile Dysfunction:

Mental health

In addition to physical problems, mental health and erectile dysfunction go hand in hand. When a man is depressed or anxious, his erections will suffer as a result. The same can be said for anxiety, stress, and depression. However, ED is often an undiagnosed side effect of depression. There are many causes of ED, including substance abuse. To find out which problem is causing your problems, it is best to seek the advice of a trained physician. Fildena is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Physical illness

Your doctor will most likely first order a physical exam. A physical exam will focus on your genitals, heart, blood pressure, and peripheral pulses, among other things. Your doctor will also likely perform a rectal exam, which is a non-invasive test. You will also be asked about your sexual health. Your doctor may also order a urine sample and run a few other tests. If you are unsure of what is causing your ED, you should see a doctor to find out what is causing it.


While it is natural to experience stress, the effects of chronic stress on our physical and psychological well-being can be detrimental. Prolonged stress can negatively impact both sexual and psychological wellness. Stress can lead to a variety of physical symptoms, including problems with erections. In addition, research suggests that stress increases a man’s risk of erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there is treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Sex therapy

A good sex therapist can help you explore the underlying causes of your erectile dysfunction and identify the best course of treatment. In addition to providing physical exercises, these sessions can be a good way to improve your sexual repertoire. These sessions may include stress management techniques and even couples communication. If you or your partner experience anxiety or self-doubt during sex, this treatment is likely the best option. Fildena 100 is the best solution of erectile dysfunction.


If you have erectile dysfunction, improving your diet may be the solution to the problem. Improving your diet will also boost your energy levels, improve your body image, and improve your sleep. Ultimately, a better diet can lead to an improved sex life, as well as a better relationship. Try eating foods that promote heart health, which will help improve blood flow to the penis. These foods may even improve your mood, which can help you have an easier time enunciating a sentence.


While exercise may not seem like a cure for erectile dysfunction, it is a very effective method. Regular exercise helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are crucial for erections. Men with erectile dysfunction should exercise at least three times a week, at least four times a week, and preferably at least 30 minutes a day. Even if exercise isn’t enough to cure your erectile dysfunction, it can help you stay healthy and increase your sexual desire.

Blood sugar

Erectile dysfunction and blood sugar are both related. In fact, both conditions can affect a man’s libido. Elevated blood sugar can lead to erectile dysfunction, while low blood sugar can lead to increased urination. But what exactly causes the two conditions? In this article, we’ll explore the link between the two. Here’s what you should know. And, don’t be afraid to seek medical advice if you suspect your condition might be caused by diabetes. Also you can take Fildena 150 from best online pharmacy medzsite.

High blood pressure

Men with high blood pressure may have problems obtaining an erection. By lowering blood pressure, they may experience better erections. Additionally, high blood pressure can result in other cardiovascular problems, such as atherosclerosis, which restricts blood flow to the penis and organs. Hence, lowering blood pressure may help prevent heart attack or stroke. But be careful, some blood pressure medications may have similar side effects.

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