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Air Ambulance Service

As per the data released by the Association of Air Medical Services, around 550,000 patients use air ambulance services annually in the US. 

Choosing an air ambulance service is an important decision you must make carefully. It is especially true if you or your loved one needs emergency medical transportation. In such situations, time is of the essence, so you must ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Here are seven things to look for before choosing an air ambulance service:

Medical History, Current Medical Condition, and Treatment Needs

The first thing you should check before choosing an air ambulance service is the patient’s medical history. The more you know about your loved one’s medical condition, the better equipped you will be to make informed decisions about what kind of treatment they need. The patient’s current condition also plays a key role in determining whether or not it’s safe for them to travel by air.

Next up is finding out how much their insurance covers and whether or not they have any restrictions on what procedures they can or cannot receive while traveling by air ambulance service. It includes knowing if they have pre-existing conditions requiring special attention during transport, like Type II diabetes. It can also help if you know which medications your loved one regularly takes and whether those drugs are likely to interact with other medications used during flight time.

Lastly, try contacting their doctor ahead of time so that they’ll be prepared when it comes time for consultations after landing at their destination point.

Critical Care Medical Team

You must ensure that the critical care medical team is ready to fly at a moment’s notice and can provide treatment in flight. The medical staff should also have experience transporting critically ill patients and be ready to fly at a moment’s notice.

The air ambulance service you choose must have both aircraft and ground vehicles available 24/7/365.

The air ambulance must have critical care medical team to provide health care services in flight. The team consists of paramedics and nurses trained specifically for this work. They will stay with you until you reach your destination safely. The team works together to administer medications. They also monitor your vitals throughout the journey (blood pressure/heart rate/oxygen saturation levels).

The medical team should include at least one Critical Care Transport Nurse qualified to administer medications, insert IVs and perform other advanced life-saving techniques. In addition to this nurse, there should also be a Critical Care Paramedic and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Cost-Effective Services

Before you choose a service, you want to know the cost. It is an important factor when it comes to your health and safety. You want to ensure that you are getting what you pay for and that there aren’t any hidden costs. It’s also important to ensure that if something goes wrong with the service, how much will be refunded to you?

The company should also be able to estimate how much their services will cost beforehand so that there are no surprises when it comes time for payment.

Choosing a company that will provide you with a quote in writing is also important. If an estimate is given verbally, you may get different numbers for payment, which can cause problems later.

Experience in Transporting Critically Ill Patients.

You need to ensure that the air ambulance provider you choose has experience transporting critically ill patients. You also want to ensure they have experience transporting patients with special needs and medical conditions. In addition, they should have the necessary equipment, supplies, and staff when your patient arrives at the emergency room or hospital.

The best way to check the experience of an air ambulance is to contact the company directly and ask for references. It can be done by phone or email, and many companies are happy to provide you with a list of satisfied customers you can contact personally. You can also ask about how many years they have been in business, what kind of medical equipment they carry, and if they have any special training or certifications that set them apart from other companies.

Available Flight Options and Accommodations for Accompanying Person

It’s important to look into the flight options and accommodations for accompanying persons or caregivers. The person traveling with the patient may be a spouse, family member, or friend. If you’re being transported by air ambulance, chances are you’ll want someone nearby at all times.

You want to ensure that flight times work with your schedule, accommodations that fit your needs, such as food and drink, entertainment options, and any other details that might affect how you feel during this stressful time.

Total Travel Time Involved from Start to Finish

When you choose an air ambulance service, you want to know the total travel time involved from start to finish. It includes:

  • Time spent getting to and from the airport.
  • Time spent checking in and boarding the plane.
  • The duration of the flight itself, not including any layovers.
  • The time it takes to land safely, disembark and transport you to a hospital or treatment center.

Safety Record of the Air Ambulance Service Provider:

  • Be sure to check the safety record of the air ambulance service provider.
  • Check with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website, which lists all air medical transport providers and their safety records.
  • Look for an air medical transport company that has a perfect safety record.
  • Check if there have been any complaints against them or if they have any history of accidents or crashes.

An Air Ambulance Service can be a Life Saver

An air ambulance service is an important part of the healthcare industry. It can save your life! If you or someone you love needs quick medical attention, an air ambulance service is a great way to get there quickly. Air ambulances can also be used if a loved one has been injured in an accident far away from home and needs immediate medical attention at a hospital with the right resources.

So, now you know what to look for when choosing an air ambulance service. You should not choose the first company that offers a low price. Instead, choose one that has been widely recommended by those who have used their services.

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