March 26, 2023 4:40 PM
Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Wait! Doesn’t Microsoft 365 take care of backing up my emails and data?

Unfortunately, not. Microsoft 365 manages the infrastructure and maintains uptime for you to access the services, but the responsibility of backing up your data falls on you, the business owner.

Many businesses are confused about Microsoft’s geo-redundancy for backup, which it is not. When you make a change, for example, that change is replicated almost instantly in other Microsoft locations. So, if you mistakenly delete an email, that email will be deleted wherever Microsoft 365 kept a copy.

Here are five reasons for backing up your Microsoft 365:

  • Accidental Deletion

Deleting a user, intentional or not, replicates that across your network, along with the deletion of their OneDrive account and mailbox. A Microsoft 365 administrator can usually recover a user and their mailbox for a short period before the account is permanently deleted. However, a superficial recovery attempt can turn into a disaster.

An example of a smooth delete is when you delete your Deleted Items folder. This kind of delete can usually be recovered in the Recoverable Items Folder. However, a hard delete is when an email is purged from the mailbox entirely. Once this happens, that email runs forever.

A proper Azure Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 can easily restore a deleted user and their data securely and quickly.

  • Security Threats

Malware and viruses can do severe damage to your business. Not only is your company reputation at risk, but so is the privacy and security of your internal and customer data as well.

Regular backups can help protect your firm emails from being lost, deleted, or encrypted by malicious actors. Being able to recover your emails and data quickly can benefit your business and get you back to being productive with minimal loss.

  • Legal and Compliance Requirements

While Microsoft offers built-in safety nets like litigation hold and retention, these are sometimes not enough to keep you out of legal trouble. For example, with a Microsoft 365 backup solution, if an email was accidentally deleted before the litigation hold was enabled, you can easily recover those deleted emails to provide you meet your legal obligations.

While legal and compliance requirements can vary between industries and locations, fines, penalties, and legal disputes are several things you do not like to deal with as a business owner.

  • Retention Policy Confusion

Retention policies can be difficult to manage and keep up with the continuously evolving changes due to the fast pace of business in the digital age. Retention policies are useful for preventing situational data loss, but it’s not intended to be a backup solution.

With Microsoft Office 365 Backup, there are no retention policy gaps or confusion. You can safely restore your vital data while keeping your business productive.

  • More Than Just Email

Office 365 is more than just email. If you use SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams, you are at risk of losing a lot of important data. Not only that but all your settings and configurations will be lost as well. Having a solid backup solution to protect all your important files and settings is paramount.


Luckily, Apps4Rent offers robust Microsoft 365 backup solutions all over the United States so the business can easily revive any data, including individual documents or complete mailboxes, with just a few clicks. Apart from that Apps4Rent even provides first-class Cloud PC Services and supports their clients which makes them ideal partners to select for the service

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