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Women's Shirt Your Way to Dress better

Dressing in style has always been a big deal for most people. They pay attention to what they wear because it makes them feel and look good. While we are not obligated to feel great about our appearance, we dress up in style because it helps boost our self-esteem and makes us appropriate for any situation. 

But knowing what is appropriate can be confusing. The style of dress we wear speaks something about our personality. Wearing what is appropriate does not have to be expensive. Here are some tips on gaining confidence with your style and fashion.

How to Dress up in Style 

Some people have different tastes when it comes to fashion. Some like it simple, and others use their wardrobe to make a statement. However, for some people, creating a fashion statement can be a chore. The compiled tips below will help you look stylish in dresses.

1. Find Your Personal Style 

Everyone has their signature style, but you cannot develop it overnight. It takes years of trial and error to develop your style. Self-expression is the name of the game. Just wear what you want and do not be coerced by others who say things about the way you dress. Your signature style is what gives you confidence when you are wearing it. 

2. Be a Smart Shopper 

Just because a particular dress fits a colleague or your favorite celebrity does not mean you will look good in it. As mentioned in Tip #1, you should wear dresses that suit your personality or style. In fact, is a good starting place for finding dresses that surely fit your style and needs. Learning how to shop for dresses smartly will help you look stunning in your dress. 

3. Wear Clothes That Fits You Perfectly 

The saying “First impressions last” can be applied to wearing dresses. Clothes that fit perfectly will make you look good and comfortable. You don’t want to wear a polo or shirt that is too tight on your shoulders or chest or pants with a wonky hemline. If your wardrobe does not fit well, you will feel awkward wearing it. This is where your friendly neighborhood tailor can be of help. 

4. Consider Adding Accessories 

Adding accessories to the mix can give your dress a whole new dimension. Donning statement earrings, wearing skinny belts, or a necklace on your arm can give your simple wardrobe a different look. A belt, for example, will make your outfit look more put-together. Surely, accessories can help change up your attire. 

5. Make it Look Good 

Wardrobes are not only designed to be worn but should also be maintained and cared for. You don’t have to keep buying your wardrobe whenever something is damaged or needs fixing. Additionally, you can learn some DIY hacks like alterations, ironing and steaming, having them dry cleaned, or using your old reliable tape. 


Looking stylish in dresses does not always mean buying the most expensive pants or skirts. These tips will help you spice up the dress you will wear at your next cocktail event or even in the office. 

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