June 1, 2023 4:49 PM
5 smart tips to get your first and secure laser hair removal treatment

Are you done with various other hair removal methods, and the hair problem still persists? It will remain the same until you try the new permanent hair removal method to eliminate your unwanted hair.

The other hair removal methods can cause irritation and reactions to your skin, such as waxing can cause ingrowth of hair which will leave a bumpy impact on your body. But if you go for laser hair removal, skin irritation is zero.

According to the study, the user base for laser hair removal has increased pragmatically during the last few years. This increase is due to the continuous development of laser hair treatment. With time the laser treatment went through a lot of development that reduced the chances of risk in this treatment.

In this blog, you will learn how you can have your first secure laser treatment and get rid of unwanted hair.


A bit about the history of laser hair removal

With the progress in technology, the evolution in laser removal methods is considerable. Maiman’s hair removal was the first ever laser air removal that reduced hair growth with aware burns and damage to the skin. This method was first introduced in 1960. However, it kept going through a lot of development and research, which made it safe and secure. Thus, with time hair removal through laser has become the most secure and permanent hair removal method.

Tips to get secure hair removal through laser treatment

To have a pleasing and secure hair removal treatment, you must make some preparations, such as following the precautionary measures to prevent skin-related issues. As the skin is the most prominent part of your beauty thus, treat your skin with a bit of consideration and care.

Here you will have some useful tips to ensure the safety of the treatment if you are taking the laser treatment for the first time.

  1. Cleanup your body
  2. Shave your body
  3. Stay away from sun rays
  4. Avoid the application of products after laser
  5. Be patient

● Clean up your body

Clean up your body properly. If you meant to remove your facial hair, ensure the makeup is wiped out properly. Your skin is neat, clean, and free from any chemical product. Exfoliate your skin.

● Shave your body

Before you plan to take laser treatment, let your hair grow for more than six weeks. Do not wax or trim your hair before six weeks of getting treatment. The maturity of hair is important for laser hair removal.wax removes hair from the root, which is not good for laser hair removal. In the therapy of laser, the hair follicles absorb the rays of light to prevent the growth of the hair. Thus, shaving is important to focus directly on the hair follicles.

Therefore, shave your six weeks-long hair before the session to have good results.

● Stay away from the sun.

Sun rays are harmful to the skin, but after laser, your skin becomes sensitive, and you should be careful before direct exposure to the sun. Due to the rays, f as your body feels normal redness. Apply sunblocks before going out to the sun. Use safe products or natural products such as aloe vera gel to prevent skin redness. Treat your skin gently after a few days of having laser treatment. Therefore, after treatment, follow some care tips to prevent any risks.

● Avoid the application of products after laser.

After the laser, your body feels redness, and the effects of treatment last for a few hours. Avoid applying products on your skin; after 24 hours, you can use products such as makeup. But you can use some useful products such as sunscreen to prevent the harm of sun rays. Moreover, to heal the redness of the skin, you can use some natural products for the affected skin, such as aloe vera gel.

● Be patient

Be patient to have the results. The treatment will affect hair growth slowly. For this, you have to complete the sessions. Moreover, the growth of hair varies. Thus, you want to have immediate results.

Wrap up

First, laser treatment will be secure if you follow some security tips to prevent harmful effects. Moreover, if you are looking to have the best and most secure laser hair removal treatment, Meridian spa is the perfect option.

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