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You’re an entrepreneur. You’re trying to find ways to increase your visibility and draw attention to you and your new brand. As a society, we are inclined to view authors as thought leaders who have done what very few others have ever achieved. Therefore, writing and publishing books could be the best way to establish your credibility as a thought leader. Book sales are distinct marketing instruments and, for certain authors, they can provide additional revenue. According to the data collected in Publisher’s Weekly, the year of 2012 was the most successful year in the sales of books. It appears that readers aren’t getting enough. This is the ideal moment to write and publish your novel.


Publishing a professional book and writing is a simple task for you, doesn’t it? It’s an arduous but also rewarding experience and can propel your professional career in the field of writing. Five advantages entrepreneurs should think about creating books.


1.It will make you an expert in your field.

The most crucial aspect in establishing trust is how people view your character. Entrepreneurs are often reliant on the internet, social networks as well as blogging and podcasting to change the way people perceive their work. However, publishing a book could help you stand out in other ways. The publication of a book can establish you to be an expert in your field and establish your credibility instantly. Credibility can also be used to make you more discoverable. If potential customers perceive your credibility they’re more likely to contact you and interact with your company. Writing books is an effective method of enhancing your expertise and ensuring that you’re an expert in what you can offer your clients.

2. You may also earn an additional source of income that is steady and constant.

While the majority of authors aren’t able leave their jobs and live off their book royalties, a smart businessman is able to create additional revenue streams from books. If you publish a book that is available in multiple formats, such as ebook, print and audio, you could gain economically via Amazon as well as other booksellers. There are many other ways to earn money from your bookin most cases, much more than what you could earn solely by selling your book. You can, for instance, utilize your book as a venue for workshops and seminars, establish your own mastermind club and launch a coaching company and other. Entrepreneurial authors can find a myriad of ways to earn income from their book after they have published their book.

3. A book can be an effective marketing tool that can be used for multiple purposes

Entrepreneurs have to contend with the task of making sure our voices are heard amid the sea of distractions and noise. It’s never easy and it can be costly. Publishing and writing books can help you break through the noise. And once you’ve paid the costs to publish your book and get the word out, it’s absolutely free. Amazon and other book sellers can do the work for you, by sharing information about yourself and the publication on their respective platforms. You can also make use of your books as a promotional item to generate leads, and then use to win prizes to be awarded in competitions or a crowdfunding campaign. Consider your book as a business card, and then watch your customers’ base increase.

4. The value of your SEO will rise

If you publish a book, web search engine will automatically incorporate it in their algorithms as it will be published on a myriad of popular websites such as, and Don’t be shocked if you see your name pop across the search engines. Effective SEO (SEO) is an essential element of an entrepreneur’s job to become visible. People trust search engines so achieving an upper position in search engine results indicates to users that you’re reliable. The higher you rank on results pages the more clicks, customers and traffic you’ll get.

5. It will become aspect of what you left behind even after retirement.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work when you’ve had some level of success, you usually need to figure out ways to aid your family, friends and sometimes even colleagues. You’d like to motivate and motivate them with the entrepreneurial success of your career. If you are successful your story will convey your wisdom in a manner that motivates and inspires others to follow in your footsteps. If written well it will share not only your joys and triumphs as well as your struggles and failures too. The legacy you leave in your book could be among the most valuable gifts you can present to your loved ones as well as your friends, colleagues, or people you’ve taught.

Although you’re unlikely to become an author like Malcolm Gladwell or James Clear (both #1 best-selling business authors) however, you’ll be able to get people to listen to you that you would never be able to otherwise. At a minimum being an author published will be a memorable experience that you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life.

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