March 29, 2023 3:15 PM
5 Hottest Trends in Interior Design This Year

You adore your home, but it’s time for a change. Maybe the wallpaper that you put up when you moved in all those years ago just doesn’t fit your style anymore. Perhaps the couch you inherited from your great aunt has weathered more stains than you thought humanly possible, and it’s starting to look like it. Or, you’ve just welcomed little ones to your household, and you want to upgrade your home to make it friendly for the whole family. Whatever the reason behind your home revamp, we’re here to help with a list of some of the hottest interior design trends of the year.

Improve Your Backyard with a Magnetic Door Screen

You’ve got a beautiful backyard, but it’s hard to enjoy it when you’ve got to keep opening and closing your patio door every time you want to go in and out. You could just leave the door to your backyard open, but that unwanted welcomes pests in. In order to enjoy your backyard with ease, install a door screen magnetic, an easy to open and close form of mesh door that you can apply to your existing backyard door frame.

Simply adhere the magnetic door screen panels to the top of your door frame, making sure that they’re lined up to perfectly fit it. Once adhered, you can open and close your magnetic door screen using the magnets that run down the center of the two panels.

A magnetic door screen is perfect for hot days when you want to welcome in a cool breeze from outside, but keep out bugs and pollen. Magnetic door screens are also great for when you’re hosting backyard barbecues, so you and your guests can enter and exit with ease, and not have to worry about opening and closing the door when carrying plates and cups. Plus, magnetic door screens are made of durable mesh that will stand up to inclement weather, so you can enjoy yours for years to come.

Make a Statement With Striking Wallpaper

One great way to spice up an existing space is to put in new wallpaper that features a striking color or print. For 2022, many have gravitated away toward all white walls and toward wallpaper that feature tropical floral prints, or those in fun colors like pastel pink or jade green, which invite a sense of whimsy into the home. Adding wallpaper that you enjoy is a great way to wake your space up, and make it truly suit your style.

If you’re not sure what wallpaper to choose, don’t be afraid to pick out a few different samples and look at them within the space. Once you’ve chosen which wallpaper look is perfect for you, get ready to apply it! (Or, if you’re not too confident in your wallpaper application ability, there’s no shame in calling a professional to do the job for you!).

Natural Material Accents to Add Texture to Your Space

One great way to make your home more visually inviting is to create texture throughout the rooms in your house. For instance, you could add a natural wood coffee table and end tables to your living room to create contrast that draws the eye to those areas of the room. Or, if you’re looking for new servingware to entertain with, you might consider a cheeseboard and matching set of coasters made of marble.

Elevated Home Office Furniture

As many people continue to work from home due to the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, hybrid-rooms have become popular. Perhaps a portion of your bedroom now doubles as your office, but you don’t love how cluttered it looks or feels. One way to make your hybrid-room more comfortable is by investing in elevated home office furniture, such as a comfortable yet stylish office chair, and a sleek desk that matches your dresser and side tables. By incorporating home office pieces that feel and look more comfortable, you’ll be able to create a hybrid-room that flows more naturally.

High Tech Locking Features to Boost Safety With Style

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, so do the safety features available to install in our homes. Update your home’s entryway with a tech-savvy, yet stylish smart lock that allows you to open your door with the touch of a fingerprint. You can also add on a video doorbell, so you can make sure your house is safe wherever you are.

In Conclusion

There’s never a bad time to follow your interior design dreams and update your home to suit your personal style. From improving your backyard by installing a magnetic door screen, to spicing up a room with fun wallpaper, to incorporating accent pieces made with natural materials, to elevating your home office furniture, to installing a smart lock system, there are so many hot interior design trends to explore to make your space as great as possible. What interior design trends are you most excited to try this year?

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