March 29, 2023 2:08 PM
5 Different Ways To Use Sarongs That You Didn’t Know

When preparing travel checklists, a few must-haves are suitable for all types of vacations. Whether you are going for a beachside vacation or a hilly area – sarongs are one such element that can fit into your holiday plans anytime.

However, many people are confused about investing in this piece of clothing. This is because they are unaware of different ways to use a sarong and end up hoarding them for no reason. 

Thus, this article will shed light on using a sarong differently. Keep reading to know more about this! 

What are sarongs? 

Surprisingly, many people don’t understand the true purpose of a sarong. It is a long-flowing fabric that you can wrap around your waist for casual dressing. As much as it is comfortable, the material is also very soft. 

Additionally, this makes the sarong a valuable piece of clothing that can be used differently. These uses not only include multiple ways of styling the fabric but also for using them differently. 

The following shares an idea about multiple ways to use a sarong. 

Different uses of sarongs 

Below are some fantastic ways to use a sarong when not styling yourself with the fabric. 


A sarong can be an excellent choice for converting them into sheets. Since it has soft fabric and an unstitched structure, it is easy to spread the cloth and use them as sheets. 

However, the idea is suitable for your beach visits when you miss the sheets or make an impromptu plan to relax. 


During scorching heat or a windy location, you might need something you cover your head with. A sarong is a beautiful alternative for head bandanas in such a situation. 

Thus, you can choose the fabric’s colour to look good in any form. In addition, many women use a sarong as a headscarf when they visit religious places that require women to cover their heads. 

Post-shower wrap-around dress

Have you ever forgotten your post-shower gown? It happens with many people, but a sarong can be used in public places like a community pool.

This is also a good option when you are into a shared shower and don’t like to carry heavy robes into the bathroom. 

Protect from sunburn 

Sarongs can save the day by protecting your body from sunburn during beach visits. While it is not a heavy piece of clothing, it perfectly prevents harsh sun rays from damaging the skin. 

Additionally, the fabric is soft and comfortable, so you don’t feel loaded with layers of clothing. You can drape it from around your shoulders or waist as per your preference. 

Privacy curtain 

You often are in places where washrooms are not in a suitable condition. However, a sarong can help you create a privacy curtain to urinate safely in public. 

Being a soft fabric, it doesn’t provide a 100% opaque cover, but it does well. 

Therefore, keeping the above ideas in mind, investing in a sarong is wise. As much as it offers a stylish piece of clothing for casual occasions, it also has other practical applications. 

Apart from using it for different purposes, there are other ways to style a sarong. This will give you a new look for every occasion.

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