February 1, 2023 9:16 PM

Community building, networking, and relationship management are integral parts of running a successful business. Traditionally, brand leaders would attend in-person events to employ these brand-building tactics. Building strong connections with potential customers & business partners is relatively easy at well-managed events.

Brands with large booths and displays typically attract hundreds of new clients and business partners at such events. However, the pre-pandemic world of event marketing doesn’t exist anymore. Due to the COVID19 pandemic – millions of conferences, trade shows, and other in-person events were canceled across the globe.

Now that the pandemic is almost over, these events are coming back. But, they’re not the same. Many events are hybrid – partly digital, partly physical. Attendees visit these events virtually. That’s why brand leaders don’t have too many chances to build face-to-face connections with target customers at these new-age events.

Event Marketing Strategies in the Post-Pandemic Era

Event marketers will only get a few chances at success in the post-pandemic world. That means making the most of every event they visit. The key to attracting eyes to business events has always been tent marketing. Brands that set up large, colorful tents at events tend to stand out from the crowd and attract the most attention.

An event marketing tent or a pop up tent is a simple, easy-to-install structure. When used outdoors, these tents provide shade and protection from external elements. At events, they’re used for their striking looks. Colorful, custom-printed pop-up tents never fail to attract audience attention. Wise event marketers always highlight their brands at events with these tents.

But, what if you don’t use pop-up tents at your upcoming events? What if you don’t personalize your event marketing tents with unique graphics, colors, and branded logos? Will your event marketing strategy fail? Probably yes. Here are four reasons why your event marketing strategy is doomed to fail if you don’t use customized pop-up tents –

  1. Other Brands Will Use these Tents 

Since pop-up event tents are so portable, cost-effective, and easy to use, businesses of all sizes use them. They can be installed/taken down very easily. These tents collapse down to a fraction of their original sizes, making them easy to store & transport. Expect pretty much every business in town to use personalized tents at local events.

  1. Other Brands Will Reuse the Tents

That’s right, most people reuse their pop-up tents hundreds of times because they’re such effective marketing tools. Tents made of ultra-durable synthetic materials are tear-resistant, UV-resistant, and waterproof. They can be washed and reused for several years. Your competitors will use their pop-up event tents for many years with great success.

  1. Your Brand Won’t Be Able to Draw Attendee Attention

It’s hard for banners, posters, or other promotional tools to attract audience attention in a space full of colorful tents. Customized event tents with unique colors, graphics, and slogans will always captivate people. Not using them means losing out on all the attention.

  1. You’ll Struggle to Establish Brand Credibility 

You don’t want to be one of the few brands with no personalized tents at your next event. Event attendees love brands that come with elaborate displays. So, make sure to visit your future events with some well-designed pop-up tents

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