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Cubby Houses

If you want to surprise your kid on their birthday or any other special occasion, a cubby house is one of the best things to get them. It is one of the best ways to engage your kids in a fun activity, which also helps develop their creative powers. Moreover, when you get a nice cubby house for your house, it increases the aesthetic look of your garden by tenfold. So, if you are wondering whether you should have a cubby house, you should, and here are the reasons why.

It’s their space

A cubby house is a personal space for your kids where they can be themselves. Kids yearn for a private space to play or make things they like. With a cubby house, that is possible, and it also helps them learn directly and indirectly. A good cubby house allows them to be creative or enjoy their quiet time. Moreover, it also helps them learn the importance of maintaining their home.

It gives them a break from screens.

Taking breaks from a screen is essential as too much screen time can impact their overall health. When you buy a good cubby house online, they can go outside and enjoy playing in it or use their imagination for other things. With a cubby house, they can play tons of imaginative games as it can become a school or a pirate ship, or even a café for them.

It makes them social.

Kids love to play with other kids. They can enjoy playing in it with their friends if they have their own space. Even if there are arguments, they can learn to solve them and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s a break for you

As a parent, sometimes you need a break without worrying about your kids getting injured or breaking something in the house. Instead, you can relax outdoors or work or even do gardening while they play.

You understand the reasons to have a cubby house. Now, it’s time to buy the right cubby house. But first, determine which type of cubby house you want. Let’s discuss the four types of cubby houses.


Wooden cubby-houses

The commonest type of cubby houses are the wooden ones. They are incredible but a bit costly. They are permanent structures that individuals build in their backyards. Mostly, you attach it to a large play area for children with a piece of climbing equipment and even a slide. It is often a replica of houses with doors, windows, and porches, making it a realistic experience for kids to enjoy their playtime.

Indoor cubby-houses

Don’t have a big backyard? Or, if you want to keep a closer look at your kid while they play, get an indoor cubby house. You can pair it with a bed to create personal space for the kids. It works both as a sleeping and playing area. They come in multiple forms, like a tent.

Some indoor cubby houses have a solid base underneath them, working as a climbing accessory.

Plastic cubby-houses

If you live on rent with restrictions about things, go with plastic cubby houses. They are smaller and portable. You can assemble or disassemble them as you wish. A plastic cubby house can offer more intricate designs with fewer chances of termite damage. In addition, your kids can decorate the cubby house as they wish multiple times and make it their personal canvas.

Play kitchen-pretend set house

It is a variation of a cubby house only. Often, the pretend kitchen is part of the cubby house. Other times, it’s only a pretend kitchen house, which is perfect for kids who love cooking. A cubby house with a pretend kitchen or just the latter part is good to boost their imagination and with more room for them to play new games. If your kid is a science whiz, a pretend kitchen cubby house is ideal for them to do their experiments without messing up the entire house.

Use this guide to buy the cubby house perfect for your kid’s needs and fun. Lastly, don’t forget to follow all safety procedures when buying and installing a cubby house, and have your kids have the most fun ever.

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