May 31, 2023 9:25 AM
Small Business Success

Turning your favorite crafty hobby into a small business can give you a way to earn income on your terms while sharing your art with others. To be successful in this endeavor, however, you will need to treat your business like a full-time job.

Find Your Audience

Finding your audience can be difficult for many crafters looking to start a small business, and many start by opening social media accounts under potential company names. Joining an online community for your crafts, fandoms, and local artisans can help you network with peers, gather suggestions for products and services, or even help identify a niche you can fill. You can also attend art fairs and trade shows as a vendor or a patron to get an idea for the local competition. Contact trade show display companies for a professional look if you decide to reserve a booth for your business. Some of these companies will have a variety of sizes and price points or even discounted and used displays you can use to stand out.

Be Unique

The easiest way to stand out and be unique is to  in your crafting community that you can fill and expand. For example, if you crochet and develop a pattern for holiday tree ornaments, you will probably find some similar ones from others online. But, you might not find anyone selling the ornaments, selling complete kits with the patterns, or who has made complementary pieces to form a set. Any of these can be your niche, and the online communities that helped you find your idea can be your initial customers. It is as important to believe in yourself and what you are doing as it is to find unique and reproducible items to make and sell.

Design a Sales Plan

So, what do you do now once you know your audience and items? Knowing how you will sell things encompasses everything from the point-of-sale platform to your marketing techniques, so designing a sales plan can make or break your company from the beginning. You first want to reserve as many website domain names and social media profiles as possible with your company’s name. You can even work with web design for small business companies to make the most of your online presence. Consider whether you want to post videos, pictures or both of your products and practice capturing your items with that media form.

It is crucial to determine what forms of social media you want to use and how often you will post and how you should engage with your audience. Be wary of posting customer complaints to your accounts, even your personal ones, because others will wonder what you could post about them and avoid doing business with you. Be sure you are comfortable working with customers who are less than satisfied, but remember that sometimes it is better to walk away from a sale than to take a loss on time and supplies.

Starting a small business to sell your handmade crafts can be an excellent way to get paid to do what you love. To succeed in this venture, you must treat it like a full-time job by researching the market and your audience, finding ways to be unique, and building a sales plan.

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