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video production companies in Philadelphia

It seems like every successful online business is leveraging video to grow its brand and win new customers. After all, video has an indisputable track record. The average person spends up to 7 hours per day looking at a screen; the opportunities for putting a video in front of a business’s ideal customer are nearly limitless.

But not all video is created equal. A poorly made video on a mobile device can tank a company’s reputation just as a professionally produced video can enhance it. That’s why video production companies are the go-to for top-of-the-line commercials, online ads, and product showcases.

Working with a local video production company can result in better communication with the crew, faster turnaround times, and a team that knows your city from front to back. If you want to highlight Philly landmarks, you should work with video production companies in Philadelphia!

If you still aren’t sure, then check out these 10 reasons your company needs a video!

Improved Social Media Engagement

Social media users are 10 times more likely to share a tweet with a video, and Facebook advertisements with videos get 33% more engagement than other types of content. Those “likes,” “shares,” and comments on social media amount to free marketing for you! The platforms themselves offer plenty of analytics to guide your campaign.

Makes Your Brand Feel Relatable

A video can give voice to your customers’ concerns and a friendly face can earn their trust. Is your brand playful? Is it disruptive? Or is it traditional? Use that tone to reach out to your ideal clients. Your viewers will feel like you’re talking directly to them and speaking to their needs as only video can.

Hands-on Demonstration

Video is unmatched in its ability to show off a product, how it works, and how to use it. Your customers won’t have to guess or imagine it because you can simply show them! They’ll remember a video that’s both entertaining and educational far better than other forms of advertising, too.

Search Engines Like Them

You should take advantage of every opportunity to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google prioritizes video over text posts, which means it will be seen more frequently and users will click through more often. Your search engine ranking will also improve because viewers stay on your site longer if they’re watching your video.

Grow Your Brand

Video can be used in creative ways which grow your brand without necessarily putting your product or service in the spotlight. If your business does charitable work, has a touching case study to highlight, or wants to show “behind the scenes,” video can do it all. It will make your customers feel good about you later even if you’re not selling them a product now.


A video can carve out a spot online that people can come back to again and again. They’ll still be finding you, clicking through, and buying from you months later, or longer! A high-quality video also suggests permanence and commitment. This can build credibility for your business over the long term.

You’re Always in Their Pocket

We already know the average person spends 7 hours per day on their screen. 58% of that time is on mobile devices. Your video is available at the tap of a screen; it’s viewable and shareable on the go with as many people as they like. Mobile use for all online purposes is only expected to grow.

Beat Your Competition

As an advertising medium, video is second-to-none and nobody wants to be left out. If your competitor is pumping out commercials and your business isn’t, it’s not hard to see where your customer will spend their money. There’s a good reason 86% of businesses invest in video as part of their marketing strategy.

It’s a Great Value

When you hire a professional, you’re getting the seasoned eye of a trained expert who knows their craft inside and out. They can answer all your questions and guide you through the entire process seamlessly. A good video beats out Google Ads ROI by 68%, so put your marketing dollars where they count.

Sales! Sales! Sales!

At the end of the day, it’s all about racking up those sales. Video marketing consistently beats out all other methods, with 90% of consumers reporting video as being influential in their buying decision. Businesses without video grew their revenue only half as quickly as those with it.

See for Yourself

A marketing strategy that integrates video is a must-have to succeed online today. Your customers want to find you, want to engage with you, and want to buy from you. Make it easy for them by using the advertising method which is fastest, most convenient, and most influential when they shop. A polished, professionally produced video is an investment in your business’s future and worth its weight in gold.

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