March 29, 2023 2:59 PM
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A well-functioning team is more successful, productive, practical, happier, and more delightful to work with. It isn’t easy to see team building in the workplace. Indoor corporate team building activities in Singapore foster more connection and collaboration among teammates rather than just high-fives. Want to re-energize your firm without seeming to have an oppressive corporate agenda? Our indoor team building activities business getaway tailors to your and your workers’ individual needs. There is a plethora of team building activities, both indoor and outdoor. But, let us discuss 10 amazing indoor corporate team building activities in Singapore in this blog.

  1. The Amazing Race

It is a flexible team-building exercise that may last a whole day or a half day. It is appropriate for groups of 10 to a thousand people. It may tailor to your company’s values and event objectives.

  1. Masterchef

This is an excellent team-building exercise in which team members’ challenges produce a series of traditional Thai meals in a specific time range. A panel of experienced judges will choose and announce the winning team.

  1. Corporate Survivor Challenge

It comprises a series of problem-solving and physical challenges that showcase the most difficult personnel.

  1. Human Rhythms

This is a distinct kind of collaboration used in the workplace. It provides a vibrant and high-energy team experience while simultaneously emphasizing the need for collaboration as participants progress through the rhythmic orchestra.

  1. Bike Factory

The team will put through a series of dynamic and enjoyable trials, with the winning team receiving a bike. The bike will be given to a home in the surrounding area.

  1. Artworks

Artworks are not a contest but a team-building activity that helps reveal individual traits and highlights the group’s artistic, creative, and imaginative abilities.

  1. Island Treasure Hunt

This exercise focuses on problem-solving and strategy. The Island Treasure Hunt is a series of scavenger hunts and interactive challenges designed to encourage collaboration.

  1. Traditional Thai Activities

Muay Thai, fruit carving, Thai dance, Loi Krathong, and Thai massage are some popular Thai activities offered for indoor corporate team building activities in Singapore.

  1. Beach Olympics

Each team will allocate a different colour, and a series of physically demanding and enjoyable team-building games will be planned based on their fitness levels. It is appropriate for a team of twenty to six hundred people.

  1. Toy Factory

This is a three to four-hour team-building exercise for corporates that may hold in any outdoor or indoor setting. The team members must collaborate to create creative gifts to donate to underprivileged kids.

Bottom Line

Your hunt for the ideal team-building activity in Singapore has concluded. Do you want a fun team-building activity? There is no better method than via our Singapore corporate team development. Our events will push your teams to engage in novel ways. Still unsure what to do? No worries. We’ve previously discussed ten indoor corporate team building activities. If you want to know more, leave a remark below.

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